About us

We are a renewable energy and infrastructure investment manager for institutional investors focused on direct investment into energy transition assets.


We make direct investments into assets and businesses that enable the energy transition in Europe and North America focusing on end-to-end decarbonisation. Core sectors include power generation, energy storage, industrial decarbonization, and electrified transport.

We are partners for industrial players driven by sustainable ambitions. At its core, we facilitate exclusive access to attractive opportunities and proven deal structuring capabilities. We deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors, from investments that support the transition towards a more sustainable society. Sustainability is at the core of our investment strategy, driven by a strong Nordic heritage and investor base.

Today, this approach remains high on our agenda with investors such as PKA, PenSam, Storebrand Asset Management, AkademikerPension, Lærernes Pension, and a consortium of Swiss institutional investors.

purpose & virtues

We deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors, from investments that support the transition towards a more sustainable society

Integrity in
everything we do
  •  We act responsibly and with respect in all matters of our business

  • We are transparent and consistent in what we say and how we act

  • We believe in honesty and reliability as a way of building trust and true, long-term relationships
Act as
  • We all take ownership for our business beyond team function and individual aspirations

  • We make decisions as a team and own the long-term results of these

  • We promote a founder’s mindset and are entrepreneurial in approaching our business
  • We base our decisions on facts and thorough analysis

  • We continuously strive to improve our performance

  • We focus on our core competencies, and seek the best partners in other areas

What we do

Our competitive investment product provides stable, risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to other asset classes. With a proven track record since 2012, we have secured commitments totalling EUR 8 billion and invested EUR 7 billion, consistently delivering value to our investors.

We invest in renewable energy infrastructure essential to society
We support the energy transition by investing in real assets with essential value to society. We do so by leveraging our vast experience, execution, and asset management capabilities.

We are a fund manager dedicated to investing in the energy transition, focusing on end-to-end decarbonisation themes.

Renewable power generation
Transmission and distribution
Energy storage
Industrial decarbonisation

How we do it

We invest alongside strong, knowledgeable, and aligned partners

We focus on partnering with operationally skilled Tier-1 strategic companies with a proven track record. We emphasise strong alignment with our project partners and a clear split of risks and responsibilities.

We favour manageable asset risks over commodity market risks

We invest in high quality assets where governance and structure are well defined and carried out together with best-in-class partners. We avoid high dependency on market risks via long contractual arrangements and investment structures.

We act responsibly with careful attention to sustainability

Sustainability is an integral part of our investment strategy, and a key component in the management of our assets post-acquisition.

Read more about our approach to ESG, responsible investing, and our UN PRI signatory status.

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